Your own store

Public showcase

We setup your video on demand platform automatically, without installation nor configuration ! It's your own e-commerce showcase, on which your customers can browse your catalog to buy video on demand.

Admin panel

As a merchant, you are able to use private administration panel to manage your store. It contains e-commerce toolbox to create your products catalog, setup subscription plans, follow your orders and discuss with your customers!

Responsive design

Using responsive design allows to automatically adjust the content display to desktops, smartphones, tablets, and TV. Whatever their device, your customers will always have the most optimized rendering.

Custom design

Your store is unique: customize your look and feel (theme and colors choice), widgets location and options (images carousel, dynamic menu, catchphrase, etc).

Custom domain

Use your own domain name, seamlessly integrated to your VOD platform. Use a different subdomain for each enabled language, without forgeting to setup your SSL certificate in order to secure customers connections.

SEO optimization

Optimize your SEO ! The Admin panel includes SEO tools to finely manage text content for each published item, either on homepage through the product sheets, or via dynamic content pages (CMS).


Internationalize your shop ! Multi-language allows to translate published items for each enabled language. Multi-currency allows you to offer different payment currencies to your customers, as well as multi-tax feature.

Direct payment

We do not receive money from your clients. All payments made by them are sent directly to your banque account. You have total control over your sales.